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At Dalki Garringa we work to ensure that all the services provided are at industry best practice. This means we are constantly working towards improving our operations and processes to ensure that our plants are of a quality expected by our customers.

Plant propagation

Plant propagation is undertaken at our Dalki Garringa by our experienced and qualified staff. Dalki Garringa is set up ensures that we are able to produce plants all year round for customers. 

Dalki Garringa mets all industry standard sizing options from Hiko trays to the variety forestry tubes.

The Dalki Garringa site is set up to ensures that we can grow plants to customer requirements


Our quality assurance processes is based off industry best practice to ensure that all our plants will have well developed stems and root systems.

Seed collection

Seed collection is undertaken with the BGLC permit by locally trained seed collectors in the Wimmera and Grampians region. 


Our seed collection meets industry best practice guidelines which means the quality and provenance of seed can be assured.


Our seed bank is consistently replenished and maintained in a purpose built storage area and includes constant temperature control. 


Our seed bank records are maintained in a specialised nursery management system.

Maintaining our own seed bank ensures our ability to meet the specific needs of our customers in the region

Project planting service

Project Planting Service is available under contract to our customers. This means that we can manage the entire process, from seed collection, plant growing, direct seeding through to plant out onsite. We work with our customers to provide the service and outcome that they want from their revegetation projects.

Our Clients​

Speicalised Projects


We are able to provide services for a variety of revegetation projects and welcome any enquiries. Our staff are knowledgeable and experienced in the services we provide and capable of providing advice to potential customers. Our nursery is capable of providing plants for native revegetation projects for all sectors including:

  • Local Councils

  • Water Authorities

  • Commercial Infrastructure Projects

  • Catchment Management Authorities

  • Environmental NGO’s

  • Recreation facilities

  • Government Agencies

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