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We are part of our Country, and Country is part of us.  Bunjil, the creator, made the land, waterholes, animals, and plants and gave Wotjobaluk Peoples the responsibility to look after our Country and culture and keep it healthy and strong. Country heals us and connects us to our dreaming stories, to our ancestors and spirits.

If Country is treated with respect and care, and we can act on our responsibility for Country, then Wotjobaluk Country will continue to provide for us.

At the Barengi Gadjin Land Council (BGLC) we know our employees are one of our greatest assets as an organisation.

We are committed to fulfilling the goals and aspirations of the Wotjobaluk people, as detailed in the Growing What is Good Country Plan.

BGLC seeks to provide rewarding jobs for the Wotjobaluk people to ensure job security and economic sustainability for our Wotjobaluk families.  If you’re a future leader that would like to work on Wotjobaluk Country and support the future employment pathways and enterprises around culture and heritage, we encourage you to apply


We currently have no vacancies.


Selection Criteria must be addressed with your resume for all applications.

Email your application to
Tim McCartney
Acting CEO
Barengi Gadjin Land Council

Enquiries can be made by contacting us on 03 5381 0977 


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